Emma’s Freckles

Emma’s Freckles Activities

Inspired by mythology and full of freckles, this magical story of self-acceptance will capture children’s hearts with twinkling stars, a shimmering island and wonderful tale of connection to the stories of ancestors.

Emma has thousands of freckles, but sometimes she wishes she didn’t. One day Grandma tells her a story from long ago; a story of a beautiful island with mist that dances off the ocean, glimmering stars that speak to you from faraway places, and freckles that are more special than Emma could ever have imagined.

A beautiful story with stunning illustrations by Lesley McGee that will enchant children with the wonder of nature and the night sky.


Kids’ Book Review

“There’s a definite magical quality to Emma’s Freckles… The illuminated night sky is just right with its colours and sparkling stars, and the lush green landscapes are vibrant with flora and fauna, and a crystal-like blue ocean. It’s a story that can speak to readers young and old with a message about being yourself.” Review by Kids’ Book Review

Charming Language

“This story makes a lovely contribution to popular children’s writing themes of self-acceptance, peer relationships and cultural diversity. Grandma’s storytelling provides a warm, safe space in which Emma can explore her fears and frustrations, and a nod to the wisdom of elders and intergenerational respect.” Review by Charming Language

Living Arts Canberra

“Based on the Gaelic legend that explains how people came to have freckles, this story is about valuing difference … Text and pictures come together in this work to provide a strong message to young readers to value individuality, heritage, shared stories, the natural world and generational and ancient wisdom.” Review by Living Arts Canberra

Book details:

AuthorSarah Wallace
IllustratorLesley McGee
PublisherLittle Pink Dog Books
DistributorExisle Publishing