Emma’s Freckles

Inspired by mythology and full of freckles, this magical story of self-acceptance will capture children’s hearts with twinkling stars, a shimmering island and wonderful tale of connection to the stories of ancestors.

Emma has thousands of freckles, but sometimes she wishes she didn’t. One day Grandma tells her a story from long ago; a story of a beautiful island with mist that dances off the ocean, glimmering stars that speak to you from faraway places, and freckles that are more special than Emma could ever have imagined.

A beautiful story with stunning illustrations by Lesley McGee that will enchant children with the wonder of nature and the night sky.

Emma’s Freckles activities:

Book details:

AuthorSarah Wallace
IllustratorLesley McGee
PublisherLittle Pink Dog Books
DistributorExisle Publishing